Are Cheetos considered chips or snacks?

Answer Cheetos are snacks and I love the Flame Hot version.

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Hot Cheetos chips help?

Because they were so good that Americans got bustin pig fat, and had to get lipo in record numbers so they had to be taken off the market.

What do you eat instead of unhealthy snacks like potatoe chips?

cycle these through your week:carrotscelery with salt sprinkled on them (just like chips)radishesbananagumcucumberstomatosassorted nutsbanana chips (like the plaintain ones but be careful because s... Read More »

What are some tasty low calorie chips or snacks?

Popcorn, lightly or no butter Blue Diamond Nut ThinsPopCorners chipsBeanitos black bean chipsPopchipsYou can also make your own chips with less ingredients so they'd be healthier. Another popular a... Read More »

Ritz Crackers Peanuts Or BBQ Corn Chips Which of these Snacks do you like better?

Ritz crackers!:) you have really good Questions! :)