Are Cavities Common in teens?

Answer Some people are just more prone to cavities. Anyone can get a cavity, even the people who take excellent care of their teeth. Almost every single person I know has had at least one cavity. I've had... Read More »

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I think I have cavities?

Sensidine toothpaste is available in any store that sells toothpaste. Try it. If it works, great.

How many cavities do you have?

Is it possible to get rid of cavities?

Sometimes a small area on a tooth will etch out, or get a chalky white appearance just before it starts to decay. You will usually find these in between teeth or on the front of the teeth near the... Read More »

Why do I get SO many cavities?

Is your diet very acidic? Brush straight away after eating sweets. But after eating or drinking something acidic, like fruit or a fizzy drink, wait an hour, this will give your saliva time to neutr... Read More »