Are Casio digital cameras good?

Answer On One Hand: Convenient to UseCasio digital cameras, such as the EX-S12, is rated 69 out of 100 by Consumer Reports, which is a good rating. The camera is very small, will fit easily in a shirt poc... Read More »

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Would you consider Casio Exilim cameras to be good?

I just bought a casio exilim about a week 1/2 ago. I have owned several different camera brands, and I can honestly tell you that there is nothing like the casio exilim. Especially if you are looki... Read More »

What are some good digital cameras?

You are in a corner. All the memory cards you have only work on other Sony'sSo, you have a choice ... buy a newer, better Sony or buy a nice new camera that uses the nearly industry standard SD / ... Read More »

Good digital cameras?

Many of the new cameras come with only an LCD display. Would suggest that you find one that has an optical view finder because the LCD is almost impossible to see in bright sun.Check the second sou... Read More »

Good digital cameras for under $100?

Get something like the Lumix ZS8,$149.99,…Damn good point & shoot, with a 16x optical zoomAnd you have control over aperture, shutter speeds & many more m... Read More »