Are Canadian money market funds safe?

Answer On One Hand: Nothing is Truly Safe.Money market funds, like any other investment, are subject to risk, because the money is being lent out to both private and government corporate entities that alw... Read More »

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Are money market funds safe?

On One Hand: Invest in Low-Risk SecuritiesBy law, money market funds are required to invest in low risk securities. Investments will typically include certificates of deposit, government-backed de... Read More »

Are Wachovia money market funds safe?

On One Hand: Financial Strength.Wachovia is one of the strongest banks in the nation, and has a full range of financial products. Wachovia money market rates are competitive and, although not FDIC ... Read More »

Are Fidelity money market funds safe?

On One Hand: No Worse Than Others.There have not been any reports of Fidelity Investments money market funds being in trouble, as of 2010, and while money markets as a whole don't seem to be as saf... Read More »

Are money market mutual funds safe?

On One Hand: Excellent HistoryBusiness Week reports that money market funds are an extremely safe choice for investors; indeed, these accounts have lost money only once in recorded history. On that... Read More »