Are CD lens cleaners safe?

Answer On One Hand: Lens Cleaners Might Help with DustCD lens cleaners are usually just a regular disc with tiny brushes glued to the readable side of the disc. The brushes then wipe dust from the optical... Read More »

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Are registry cleaners safe to use?

On One Hand: The Registry Cleaners are ImportantThe registry of a computer is a system of hidden files which is the backbone of all information. It records every action, process and program used on... Read More »

Is it safe to download registry cleaners?

On One Hand: Can Be SafeA registry cleaner is a software product designed to identify and remove unnecessary registry keys in the Windows registry. The registry stores important information about y... Read More »

Are drain cleaners safe for toilets?

Most drain cleaners are not meant for toilets. Using any product for any purpose other than it's intended use could cause harm. However, there are some products that are multipurpose drain cleaners... Read More »

Household Cleaners Safe for Pets?

Household cleaners that are safe around all pets are those that contain natural ingredients and are free of harmful chemicals. While some pets can be sensitive to particular products, you can begin... Read More »