Are CD jewel cases recyclable?

Answer Compact disc jewel cases are recyclable but not by your local recycling center. In order to recycle the jewel cases you will need to contact a company that specializes in recycling them. You can al... Read More »

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Can you buy dvd cases, the big ones not jewel cases, we just moved and one box of DVDs was on the bottom of?

There are many places you can buy empty DVD cases. Amazon, for example, lists some here:…

What size are jewel cases?

A typical CD jewel case is normally 4.9 inches tall by 5.6 inches wide. They normally have a depth of 0.4 inches. In metric, this would equal 124.6 x 142.2 x 10.4 millimeters. Some small variations... Read More »

What are compact disk jewel cases made of?

A computer jewel case is made of plastic. The front cover holds artwork, lyrics or instructions. The back plastic holder holds the computer software, music, video or other type of CD.Source:Wizbit:... Read More »

Are cd cases recyclable?

According to, CD cases can be recycled. accepts all CD cases, discs and other materials including paper booklets and any cardboard. According to CDRecyclingCente... Read More »