Are Boulder Dam& Hoover Dam the same?

Answer Hoover Dam was formerly known as Boulder Dam. It was originally planned to be built across the Boulder Canyon. The dam ended up being built in Black Canyon on the Colorado River. It was renamed Hoo... Read More »

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How to Boulder?

Dave StayteBouldering is one of the cheapest, challenging, and exhilarating sports one can do. All you need to start are a pair of shoes, some chalk, and a big rock.

Where is the Boulder Dam?

Boulder Dam is on the Nevada and Arizona border. To get there from Las Vegas, you drive 20 miles on Highway 93 South. Follow the 93 South signs through Boulder City until you are driving over the d... Read More »

How to Climb a Boulder?

Avoiding death is serious and many people die or have injuries from climbing boulders and rocks! this will tell you how to avoid serious injury climbing rocks without a rope or harness!

How do I use a pry bar to move a boulder?

Move a Light-weight BoulderMove a boulder of 100 lbs. or less by using a pry bar as a lever. A pry bar is a metal bar 4- to 5-feet long, similar in appearance to a long crowbar. Slide the tip of th... Read More »