Are Bose Head phones better than Dr Dre Beats?

Answer Bose are better than dr. Dre beats

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Yes or no are skullcandy head phones better than the original ipod head phones?

No. Skull candies are a bunch of commercial bs. people like them cause of the apealing look. You can get cheap sony headphones that are just as good. My favorite are the sony fashions. they come in... Read More »

Are beats ear buds better than Bose ear buds?

Yes Beats are so much better than Bose could ever be. Beats are crystal clear and don't get fuzzy even on full blast. Beats also have a no tangle cord.

Which in ear headphones is better Bose or beats?

The top of the line Beats by Dr Dre studio headphones are the best but very expensive.

Dose eminem usE dr dre beats head phones?

Yes he does. you can see it on several pictures. See Related Links.