Are Bosc Pears Supposed to Be Hard?

Answer The flesh of a ripe Bosc pear is always firmer and denser in comparison to that of a ripe Barlett pear, for example. However, a very hard Bosc pear has not yet reached its proper level of ripeness.... Read More »

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3 boxes of equal fruits,apple,orange and pears.take away 38 pears and some apples and oranges, you are left?

This is not a preschool question. Try putting it in "homework help"; you may find those who can answer your question.

How to Jar Pears?

Preserve your bounty of ripe pears by canning and jarring them for long-term storage. A light sugar mixture makes the pears suitable for eating plain or for use in desserts and other recipes callin... Read More »

How to Pick Pears?

Have you ever found yourself buying a pear or pears? This article can show you how to easily pick a pear from a tree.

How to Poach Pears?

Poached pears are a quick and incredibly tasty dish, and a great way of getting in one of your five daily fruit portions. This is a simple classic that is easy to prepare.