Are Bonsai Trees Poisonous to Cats?

Answer The word bonsai means "tray tree" or "tree in a pot." The art of bonsai involves growing miniature trees that look like old, nature-worn trees. Bonsai is typically an indoor gardening pursuit, and ... Read More »

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Are ficus trees poisonous to cats?

The Cat Fanciers' Association Inc. and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals both caution that ficus tree varieties such as ficus benjamina, fig and weeping fig are poisonou... Read More »

How do I grow bonsai trees from regular trees?

Bonsais are simply miniature trees. Start with a young sapling. Plant your bonsai in a shallow, well-drained container that comfortably fits the spread of the root system. Irrigate your bonsai deep... Read More »

How Do Bonsai Trees Reproduce?

Bonsai trees are propagated in the same way as other trees and plants. Because a fine bonsai specimen is often very old, propagating bonsai is the first step in many years of care and training. ... Read More »

How are bonsai trees started?

Bonsai trees and plants that are 2 inches to 3 feet tall but maintain the proportions of a full size tree, are part art, part gardening. There are several methods for starting a bonsai.SeedsA bonsa... Read More »