Are Betula Birkenstocks real Birkenstocks?

Answer Birkenstock is a family-owned business, and through the years family members have developed new lines of shoes. In 1994, Christian Birkenstock developed Betula, a new line of Birkenstocks that were... Read More »

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How to Clean Birkenstocks?

Birkenstocks are a famous footwear company that is well known for their leather, cork sole sandals and clogs. As with any shoe, Birkenstocks will need to be cleaned occasionally to maintain their a... Read More »

How do I clean Birkenstocks?

BrushUse a brush specifically for leather or suede to remove any dust or debris from the uppers and leather areas of your Birkenstocks. Rub the brush lightly across the sandals.CleanApply leather c... Read More »

How to Personalize Birkenstocks?

You know you love them- Birkenstocks, the next big thing for shoes- because they're comfy, they match any outfit, & they can be paired with any socks. (even none!) So do you want to make yours more... Read More »

How to Prune Betula?

Betula, also known as birch, is a genus of trees often used in landscaping. Birch trees are known for their aesthetically pleasing white bark. If cared for properly, a birch tree can live 40 to 50... Read More »