Will Photo Booth work on computers other than Apple?

Answer The Photo Booth software comes installed on all Mac computers and is exclusive to Apple products. Other operating systems have similar programs, but they are not the same as Photo Booth.Source:Appl... Read More »

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Are HP computers better than Dell?

On One Hand: HPs are More PopularAccording to the New York Times, HP in 2009 controlled over 27.5 percent of the domestic personal computer market, while Dell had just over 26 percent. The previous... Read More »

Why laptops are better than computers?

Why is Apple better than a PC?

The other answers are good, but some are misguided.Macintosh computers are, in no way, better than PC's. Their builds are good, but that's because Apple uses aluminum in their chassis, instead of p... Read More »

What tasks can humans do better than computers?

Just about everything. Artificial Intelligence is still at the retarded stage. Good luck