Are Amana& Kenmore the same?

Answer Amana and Kenmore are two different appliance brands that have connections with the Whirlpool Corporation. Most of Amana's home appliances are exclusively produced by Whirlpool. Kenmore products ar... Read More »

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Is Maytag the same as Kenmore or Whirlpool?

The Maytag Corporation is owned by the Whirlpool Corporation, making the companies one and the same, but the company maintains the two brands of appliances, as well as several others. Whirlpool pur... Read More »

Are kenmore&maytag washing machines the same?

On One Hand: Kenmore Is Not Manufactured by MaytagKenmore appliances are Sears' in-house brand and are only available at Sears and Kmart locations. Kenmore washing machines are primarily manufactur... Read More »

Are Whirlpool& Kenmore made by the same manufacturer?

Along with many other companies, the Whirlpool Corporation manufactures appliances for the Sears Kenmore brand. Whirlpool is located in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The company manufactures appliances ... Read More »

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