Are Alimony Payments Tax Deductible?

Answer Alimony payments are deductible from taxes. Alimony payments are only deductible on Form 1040 Line 31a; they are not deductible on Form 1040A or Form 1040-EZ. The alimony must be from a divorce or ... Read More »

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Are alimony payments deductible on federal income tax?

Alimony (spousal support) payments are tax-deductible for the person who is ordered to make the payments. The spouse receiving the alimony payment must report the payments received as taxable incom... Read More »

How to Calculate Alimony Payments?

Alimony payments are financial support payments made by one ex-spouse to the other after a divorce. Most states do not have set laws governing alimony payments. It is usually left to the discretion... Read More »

Is Alimony a Tax Deductible Item?

The Internal Revenue Code provides taxpayers who have alimony obligations to a former spouse a deduction for all amounts paid. However, the IRS sets forth specific requirements that must be complie... Read More »

Is alimony deductible on a tax return?

Alimony is tax deductible from your federal income tax as long as the payment is required by a court order, you do not file a joint return with the spouse and the payment is not for child support.R... Read More »