Are Airsoft guns safe?

Answer On One Hand: Risky PlayAirsoft guns are toy guns, similar to BB guns, except that they shoot tiny plastic bullets. Airsoft bullets can travel at speeds of 75-100 feet per second. Airsoft guns can h... Read More »

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Are airsoft guns safe for kids?

On One Hand: Purchasing Restrictions ExistAirsoft guns fire light-weight plastic BB's that are really only dangerous in the absence of eye protection. However, there are restrictions on Airsoft pu... Read More »

Are airsoft guns legal in ma?

Chapter 269: Section 12B of the General Laws of Massachusetts states that no one under the age of 18 is allowed to possess an airsoft gun. A person under the age of 18 can possess an airsoft gun if... Read More »

What Are the Best Airsoft CO2 Machine Guns?

Airsoft is a fun and challenging hobby in which players use replica weapons that shoot plastic pellets. The sport began in Japan, where people wanted realistic weapons but could not own firearms du... Read More »

Can you ship Airsoft guns to the USA?

Yes. However, all airsoft guns entering the United States must have a 6 mm band of orange striping on the barrel. Also, all trademarks must be removed from the guns unless the trademarks have been ... Read More »