Are 800 numbers free from cellphones?

Answer When a toll-free number is dialed, the person receiving the call is charged rather than the caller. If dialing from a cell phone, the caller will not incur any additional long-distance costs, but w... Read More »

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How to Make Money Giving Away Free Cellphones?

Anyone can make money giving away free cell phones so long as they sign up as an affiliate with a cell phone company. Giving away a product in order to sell a consumable product is not new. The Gil... Read More »

Telephone numbers that start 0845 are they free numbers?

No, they are charged at up to 5p/minute from a landline phone, and more from mobiles. Although originally planned to be "local rate" you will find that they aren't normally included in any inclusi... Read More »

How much do US free phone (toll-free) numbers cost to call from the UK?

Sadly, it won't be free! It will normally cost the same as any standard international phone call to the USA. That's about 20-25p/min using a BT landline but, of course, you can get much cheaper rat... Read More »

Are toll-free numbers free on cell phones?

Although toll-free numbers are generally free when you use a land line, you lose airtime minutes when you call any of these numbers from your cell phone. The airtime minutes you lose, or any charge... Read More »