Are 7th generation diapers biodegradeable?

Answer According to Seventh Generation's official Website, their diapers do not biodegrade, since they are made from mostly synthetic materials. Since they are chlorine-free and hypo-allergenic, the diape... Read More »

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Are disposable diapers biodegradeable?

Most name-brand disposable diapers are not easily biodegraded. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a traditional diaper would take 450 years to fully biodegrade in water. Alternative... Read More »

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Will the skin for a second generation ipod touch fit a first generation?

The first-generation iPod Touch is 0.31 inches deep, while the second-generation iPod Touch is 0.33 inches deep. Their height and width are exactly the same and both have a 3.5-inch display screen.... Read More »

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It can hold about 3,000 - 4,000 songs in 128 Kbps AAC format.