Are 7th generation diapers biodegradeable?

Answer According to Seventh Generation's official Website, their diapers do not biodegrade, since they are made from mostly synthetic materials. Since they are chlorine-free and hypo-allergenic, the diape... Read More »

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Are disposable diapers biodegradeable?

Most name-brand disposable diapers are not easily biodegraded. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a traditional diaper would take 450 years to fully biodegrade in water. Alternative... Read More »

Ordered an iPod touch 2nd generation for christmas and was shipped a 1st generation?

go to the website that you ordered it from make sure you selected the second gen in stead of the first gen... if it says you did see if there is a way that you can contact the seller and let them k... Read More »

Will the skin for a second generation ipod touch fit a first generation?

The first-generation iPod Touch is 0.31 inches deep, while the second-generation iPod Touch is 0.33 inches deep. Their height and width are exactly the same and both have a 3.5-inch display screen.... Read More »

What is the difference in Pokemon moves from first generation to second generation?