Are $5 HDMI cables at same quality as $ 40 - 50 at Electronics stores?

Answer They are exactly the same. You will not visually be able to tell a difference. Buy the 5 dollar one.

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Are all hdmi cables the same quality?

On One Hand: High Definition MinimumHDMI is one of the highest quality video qualities available to the general public. HDMI cables are specially designed to connect a source to a receiver via HDMI... Read More »

Do all hdmi cables have the same quality?

No some are better than others, but even cheap ones seem to do the job at least over short runs...better cables have better shielding and the connector ends are less likely to break or become damag... Read More »

Any difference in quality between different HDMI cables?

It's not picture quality but durability....... (Exception is maybe that some carry 6-channel audio and some 8-channel. The picture quality is left to the reciever and TV you have)HDMI cables send y... Read More »

How efficient is DVI to HDMI convertor What is its price and what is the price of good quality HDMI cables?

efficiency is irrelevant. It is digital. It will either work or it won't. sells $3 adapters to convert dvi to hdmi. Then just use an hdmi cable. They also sell a cable that goes dvi->... Read More »