Are 401(k) retirements protected by insurance?

Answer For the most part, 401(k) investments are not insured against loss. However, certain types of bank-deposit 401(k) funds chiefly used by self-employed person, such as a self-directed 401(k) are cove... Read More »

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USTREAM: How do I have a password protected stream, that is not protected when embedded by me (Free account)?

I think that would be technically impossible, let alone with USTREAM.For someone to get access to an unprotected stream, which is imbedded in a protected stream, they would have to be able to acces... Read More »

Can you get pregnant when you have protected sex and have a unprotected sex after a while and have another protected sex after the unprotected sex?

Even if you didn't ejaculate in her when unprotected there is always pre-ejaculate which also contain sperms. She had the chance to use the morning after pill up to 72 hours after, now it's too lat... Read More »

Is a 401k plan an IRA?

A 401k plan is not an individual retirement account (IRA). Both 401ks and IRAs are retirement accounts, but 401ks are set up by companies and IRAs are set up by individuals.Source:IRS: Publication ... Read More »

The History of the IRA & 401k?

Two savings plans for U.S. workers were born in the 1970s as a way to encourage people to save for their retirement so they wouldn't have to rely on only Social Security benefits to fund their gold... Read More »