Are 401k contributions taxable?

Answer Whether a 401k contribution is taxable depends on the type of 401k account you have. A contribution to a traditional 401k plan is not taxable, but a contribution to a Roth 401k plan is taxable.Sour... Read More »

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Where do i input 401k contributions on my taxes?

You do not input your 401k contribution on your taxes. 401k plan contributions are made with pretax dollars, which means that the taxable income reported on your W-2 form includes the deduction of ... Read More »

Are AER contributions tax-deductible?

The Army Emergency Relief (AER) Fund Campaign runs from March 1 to May 15, although unsolicited donations are also accepted via online or mail. Donations, whether made locally or through a national... Read More »

How to Add Capital Contributions to an LLC?

Setting up the necessary accounts is the first step to adding capital contributions to the accounting records of an LLC. An LLC is essentially a partnership with the structure of a corporation, and... Read More »

Are contributions to a PTO tax deductible?

Contributions to nonprofit groups such as a parent-teacher organization (PTO) are tax-deductible only if the group is recognized as a "qualified organization" by the IRS. Many PTOs are, in fact, l... Read More »