Are 30/500 Solpadol capsules strong?

Answer in the UK 30/500 solpadol are prescription strength only as well as 15/500 solpadol. the strongest over the counter pain killers are called solpadeine max and they are 12.8/500. if someone has give... Read More »

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How many gelatin capsules should I take for strong nails?

On One Hand: Gelatin is SafeGelatin is hydrolyzed collagen, a type of protein obtained by processing animal tissues such as cartilage, bones and skin. Gelatin capsules add small amounts of protein ... Read More »

Jujube Fruit (675 mg. capsules) OR Jujube Extract (250 mg. capsules) better for relief of stress and insomnia?

Are strong acids&bases strong electrolytes?

Strong acids and strong bases are both considered strong electrolytes, because they completely split apart in the presence of water. This disassociation results in free-floating cations (positively... Read More »

What is in mda capsules/ecstacy?