Are 24 watt sylvania metalarc lamps dimmable?

Answer Metalarc 24 watt lamps cannot be dimmed. According to Sylvania's operating guidelines, the lamps should not be used in electrical outlets controlled by dimmer switches, timers or photocells. They s... Read More »

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Are sylvania metalarc lamps dimmable?

No, Sylvania Metalarc bulbs cannot be dimmed as they are metal halide and not incandescent. There are Sylvania Metalarc bulbs available with dual wattage capability, so you can change the light out... Read More »

Are Sylvania ceramic metal halide lamps dimmable?

According to Sylvania, its ceramic metal halide lights are not dimmable. The lights do, however, operate more efficiently than halogen or incandescent bulbs, resulting in lower energy costs. They a... Read More »

Can I use a 120 watt flourescent bulb (32 watt draw) in a maximum 60-watt incandescent light fixture?

The rating of the fixture is simply to limit the current that you put on it. If you have a fluorescent bulb that is drawing less current (32W) than the rating of the fixture (60W), there is no pro... Read More »

I started a hydroponic *wink* herb garden *wink* earlier this year and I'm using 90 watt grow lamps *wink* but?

I worked with cops for twenty years while at the paper, and they told me something you need to know. When someone was suspected of growing herbs, they'd take a midnight foot-patrol in the area. Oft... Read More »