Are $2. still printed?

Answer can get them at the bank or post they are still in circulation.

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Problem about HP t4xi all-in-1 printer: I printed test page, and some colors printed incorrectly.?

Although the cartridge may be "brand new", it's quite likely that it might have been on the shelf for several months, possibly even a year, before you bought it.What's most likely happened is that ... Read More »

Is the quality of printed photos off an iphone as good as printed photos from an average $100 digital camera?

Maybe.How large to you intend to enlarge them?Actually there are very few $100 digital cameras.

Can I see what was printed from my printer AFTER it was printed even If ....?

There's no way to see what was printed unless he printed it to file before printing to paper. You can always try looking at the most recent documents that were opened...if you're using a PC then yo... Read More »

Where can I get printed CD?

Well I love to answer this because its a cool question but I am a little drunk so let me think about this... Inscribe is what you want to do to be able to put a label on a CD. However, you will to ... Read More »