Are 15 passenger vans allowed in British Columbia?

Answer Yes, 15-passenger vans are allowed in British Columbia but several organizations and individuals are pushing to create a ban after several fatal accidents were reported to be linked to a lack of sa... Read More »

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How unsafe are 15 passenger vans?

On One Hand: More Dangerous Than Other Vehicles15 passenger vans are considered more dangerous than other vehicles because their size and shape makes them vulnerable to rollovers. According to saf... Read More »

Who makes 15 passenger vans?

General Motors and Ford make 15-passenger vans. Chevrolet also has 15-passenger van models, but these can be categorized with their parent company, General Motors. As of 2002, Dodge stopped making ... Read More »

How to Buy a Used Car in British Columbia?

Buying a used car in British Columbia is done by going to a dealer or contacting a local seller that has a car that you want to buy. Buying a used car from a dealer is generally safer than buying a... Read More »

Do you pay GST when buying a used car in British Columbia?

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a federal Canadian tax collected in all Canadian provinces, including British Columbia. Sales and leases of automobiles, including used automobiles, are subject... Read More »