Are 15 passenger vans allowed in British Columbia?

Answer Yes, 15-passenger vans are allowed in British Columbia but several organizations and individuals are pushing to create a ban after several fatal accidents were reported to be linked to a lack of sa... Read More »

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Who makes 15 passenger vans?

General Motors and Ford make 15-passenger vans. Chevrolet also has 15-passenger van models, but these can be categorized with their parent company, General Motors. As of 2002, Dodge stopped making ... Read More »

How unsafe are 15 passenger vans?

On One Hand: More Dangerous Than Other Vehicles15 passenger vans are considered more dangerous than other vehicles because their size and shape makes them vulnerable to rollovers. According to saf... Read More »

British Columbia transportation?

Vancouver to Quesnel by bus isn't too bad. Get on the Greyhound bus in Vancouver, change at Kamloops for the Quesnel bus. You can also fly, on Central Mountain Air, but it's at least $250. Getting ... Read More »

How to Buy a Used Car in British Columbia?

Buying a used car in British Columbia is done by going to a dealer or contacting a local seller that has a car that you want to buy. Buying a used car from a dealer is generally safer than buying a... Read More »