Are 1400 minutes on an iPhone 4 good?

Answer Yeah

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How much would it cost for four lines to be on AT and T with iPhone 4 with unlimited texting data and 1400 minutes?

Do you buy minutes for the iphone?

A 16GB iPhone means it has 16 gigabytes of memory. It depends how much music you have as to how much room you need. I have an 8 GB and I had to delete a bunch of apps on my phone because my music l... Read More »

Does iPhone Web use voice minutes?

Browsing the Web on your iPhone does not use your voice plan minutes. In the United States, AT&T is the iPhone service provider. This service is comprised of two components: a mandatory unlimited d... Read More »

Does facebreak on iphone 4 use up minutes?

the same way with all of the other iphones