Are 1099 forms available at local post offices?

Answer While some post offices and libraries do stock supplies of popular tax forms during tax season, you will need to check with your local post office to see if that particular branch carries the 1099.... Read More »

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Are 1099 forms available at local IRS offices?

All tax forms are available at local IRS offices, including the 1099 form. This form is used to report payments made to independent contractors and those who perform freelance work for a company wh... Read More »

When do 1099 forms have to be sent out?

The 1099 forms used to report non-employee income for contract and freelance workers in the 2009 tax year were required to be mailed out by January 31, 2010. Since this fell on a Sunday, the deadli... Read More »

Who needs 1099 forms?

You need 1099 forms if you are reporting interest income, dividends and capital gains distributions, proceeds from stock transactions, rents and royalties or non-employee compensation, such as whe... Read More »

Who gets 1099 forms?

A 1099 is received by persons paid $600 or more as an independent contractor by a trade or business, by those who have won prize money, collected royalties or rents, received fishing boat proceeds,... Read More »