Are 1-877 phone numbers toll free?

Answer Phone numbers that begin with 877 are toll-free for the caller. Toll-free phone numbers begin with 800, 866, 877 or 888. The bill for a toll-free number is paid by the owner of the number.Source:Fe... Read More »

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Toll free phone numbers?

toll free numbers are normally "virtual" phone numbers that actually forward to an actual telephone number the person who owns the toll free number pays for all calls made to the line.. to get a to... Read More »

Are 877 phone numbers toll free?

According to the Federal Communications Commission, all phone numbers with the 877 prefix are toll-free. This means that the 877 number joins other numbers, such as 800, 866 and 888 as toll-free nu... Read More »

How much do US free phone (toll-free) numbers cost to call from the UK?

Sadly, it won't be free! It will normally cost the same as any standard international phone call to the USA. That's about 20-25p/min using a BT landline but, of course, you can get much cheaper rat... Read More »

1800 phone numbers .. are they toll free in Australia?

1800 numbers are free when made from a landline phone (other then a payphone) and 1300 numbers are the cost of a local call (on a landline phone other then a pay phone) no matter how far away you a... Read More »