Are 0 percent apr balance transfer credit cards doomed?

Answer On One Hand: Offers Becoming ScarceFewer and fewer credit card companies are offering credit cards with 0% APR on balance transfers. According to, these offers are on the decline, a... Read More »

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How do I apply for 0 percent balance transfer credit cards?

Respond to an AdvertisementRespond to a balance transfer offer from a credit card company. This typically involves completing a credit card application and submitting it by phone or mail. Be aware ... Read More »

How to Transfer a Credit Card Balance With Zero Percent Interest?

No matter what the level of overall interest rates, the rates on credit cards never seem to go down. With credit card interest rates rising well into the double digits, it is important for consumer... Read More »

What are balance transfer credit cards?

If you carry a high balance on your current credit card, you may benefit financially by transferring the balance to another credit card that offers more favorable repayment terms. You can then pay ... Read More »

What is a balance transfer on credit cards?

A "balance transfer" for credit cards means paying off one credit card by putting the amount of money you owe on that credit card onto another credit card, reports Bank Rate.Expert InsightCredit ca... Read More »