Arch pain and other symptoms?

Answer HiI have plantar fasciitis and my symptoms are a bit different - but it is possible.I think you should get a professional diagnosis. You can find out about plantar fasciitis symptoms in the followi... Read More »

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Sharp pain on medial side of foot in the inner arch, and pain on the top of foot in the middle.?

Really, A great sorry news you are not able to walk due to your pain,. It will be better if you use any special tape to take care instantly. Most of the athletes use kinesiololgy tape to reduce the... Read More »

Pain in the arch of feet?

Lola get some arch Support insoles for your daily wear shoes or = try wearing a high heel shoe that lifts your heel and a heel shoe or boot will give you more arch Support than flats ,hope that hel... Read More »

Why and what is this arch pain in my foot?

Well my first thought was that you pulled a muscle in your arch, but you said it wasn't tender to the touch. And that you would definitely feel massaging it. You could have dislocated a bone in t... Read More »

Sudden, extreme arch pain, no injury?

There is a muscle under your foot that often times tightens up to give pains under your foot. There are also others within the foot but are too complicated to get at now, so hopefully this will he... Read More »