Arbutus Plants?

Answer Arbutus plants are broadleaf evergreen trees/shrubs that can get up to 40 feet tall. This type of plant typically features a leaning or crooked trunk from which multiple twisting upright branches e... Read More »

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Facts About the Arbutus Tree of Israel?

The Arbutus tree of Israel (Arbutus andrachne), commonly called the Greek strawberry tree or eastern strawberry tree, is a small fruiting tree. The Arbutus tree is an evergreen constituent tree of ... Read More »

My elephant ear plants are not growing good and some of them have yellow leaves. i got the plants at walmart?

they should be fine just plant them in partial shade/sun and water a little more than usual and the plants will become green again

Is it true that music/or talking to plants makes plants grow?

I saw the same thing on MythBusters, Sasha. . . It was an awesome experiment. The reason I wanted to see that particuar episode, is because my grandmother and I always sing and talk to our plants,... Read More »

Can hybrid plants that dont produce seed still pollinate other plants?

yes. in most (highly) hybridized plants seeds are produced but are either infertile or the genetics of the plant prohibit successful fertilization and the production of seed.this is very common occ... Read More »