Aquarium Water for Watering Plants?

Answer Many aquarium hobbyists pour hundreds or even thousands of gallons of aquarium water down the drain every year. Most don't realize that in addition to wasting water, they're wasting large quantitie... Read More »

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Is watering plants with water good?

It is much better than watering them with sand.

Has anyone tried watering their tomato plants with sea water?

Interesting. I had not heard of doing that.

How to Use the Waste Water of My Pool for Watering the Plants?

A swimming pool's water constantly rises and falls depending on weather, temperature and other outside conditions. The regular maintenance and vacuuming of a swimming pool produces waste water that... Read More »

Aquarium Plants for Hard Water?

Hard water contains mineral salts that tend to raise the pH levels. With respect to plants, these carbonate salts tend to remove carbon dioxide from the water. If the carbon dioxide is going to the... Read More »