Aqua Chi Benefits?

Answer Aqua Chi machines use water as a healing agent by infusing the body with additional negative. Those who use Aqua Chi Ionic Foot Bath and other such hydrotherapy machines believe that the negative i... Read More »

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How to Get the EXP Walker for "Aqua"?

EXP Walker is an ability that lets you gain one experience point for every step you take in "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep." There is only one way to get the EXP Walker, and that is through Comman... Read More »

Detox Aqua Spa?

Today, one of the major trends in the health, fitness and beauty industries is detoxification. Everyone is looking for a way to "detox," whether its through exercise, fasting, herbal cleanses or a ... Read More »

What is aqua lounge?

it's were the aqua is in a water bed and when it leaks it let out a very Strong smell

Aqua Yoga Certification?

Aqua yoga is specially designed for practice in the water and is a popular program with those who have trouble with mobility on land, including pregnant woman, the elderly and those with arthritis.... Read More »