April 1st computer worm helpppp?

Answer Choose only one. This is what a Microsoft MVP has to say about the subject. You may also want to consider reading her entire web-page on "How to prevent Malware". It is one of the best that I have ... Read More »

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Whats this virus/worm thats going to happen on april 1st?

The worm you are talking about is the HIGHLY DANGEROUS, evolved version of the Conficker worm, called 'Conficker C' which was recently given the nickname "April Fool's Worm".What it does is that it... Read More »

If I avoid going ONLINE on April 1st, will I avoid the confliker worm Is it safe to go online on April 2nd?

Staying off the internet is just plain silly. If Conficker is already on your computer, it can wait until April 2 to activate.And Conficker is already out there, already on millions of computers. I... Read More »

My computer has been locked by Cheshire Police HELPPPP!!?

I've just removed this virus off my friends PC by following the advice on this page , there are a few options if the 1st one doesn't work for you , i followed the 2nd method . optionhttp://malwaret... Read More »

Does my computer have a worm?

BSOD are caused by hardware problems so I reckon you get the BSOD because you upgraded your RAM but the BSOD can also be caused by a virus i.e Trojan.Most worms are programmed to eat data and take ... Read More »