Apps you download with installous are not showing up on ipod home screen?

Answer Simply download one application from app store, a free application. And then install the downloaded apps! and if that doesn't work you must install them more than once or rejailbreak your device

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Will it cost you money if you download apps from installous on your ipod touch?

No it does not. All apps from installous are free but you will not be able to sync the apps into itunes. you will not be able to sync unless you delete the apps. If you get appsync from cydia you c... Read More »

How to Download App Store Apps for Free (Installous Method)?

Buying app store apps that aren't free is not possible in some countries. One reason is that these countries don't have international payment methods or they are boycotted because of political prob... Read More »

I keep trying to download apps on installous but it keeps saying either connection failed or unexpected content how do you fix?

I had the same problem.. I just deleted all the other downloads I had in installous and it seemed to fix the problem.. give that a try

How to back-up apps installed through installous from iPod Touch 2G (Jailbroken 3.0 OS) to iTunes?

go into installous and go to settings and turn on "iTunes sync" and when you connect to iTunes it will say that it found purchases and do you wanna transfer, click transfer purchases.also if you wa... Read More »