Approximately how long will defragmentation of my c drive take?

Answer It depends on the size of the drive, the free space, the amount of files on the drive, and the amount of fragmented files on the drive. It could take hours.If this is the first time you have done i... Read More »

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Why does disk defragmentation take so long?

You must have a high capacity. Do it once a week to keep it straightened up.

How long will it take me to drive 400 miles?

Divide the speed at which you are driving by the distance you are driving to find the estimated driving time. You can drive 360 miles in 6 hours if you are driving 60 miles per hour.

Approximately how long does it take for a black eye to go away?

i just got one last night.i hear 1-2 weeks typicallydrink lots of water, ice it, consume a lot of vitamin C, and keep your head elevated when you sleep.oh and if you're anything like me, dont drink... Read More »

Approximately how long will a 100mb data last?

It depends on how you're using it, 100 mb is not a lot If it's a monthly limit, it's almost nothing. The average size of a web page has been increasing exponentially and is now 965kB; that's almost... Read More »