Approved Eyelash Treatments?

Answer Many women wish they could grow longer, thicker lashes. Several available products claim to do just that. However, the effectiveness and safety are debatable. As of June 2010, the FDA has only appr... Read More »

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Eyelash Extension Treatments?

Eyelashes are very important features for a woman, especially while applying make-up. This is because, in many cultures, long eyelashes are a clear sign of femininity and the need to enhance and pr... Read More »

FDA-Approved Hair-Loss Treatments?

For those suffering from inherited hair loss the results can be devastating to their self-esteem and self-confidence. If you've decided to fight back against your hair loss you should only do so wi... Read More »

What class of vessel must have one type iv us coast guard approved pfd on board in addition to one typr you 1 2 3 or 5 us coast guard approved pfd for each person?

There are many and varied answers, but the most convincing is 1915. See the link below for more on the chronology of the Coast Guard.

Why you get an eyelash in your eye, where does it go?

No there's no furball. The eyelash will always come out or your eye will start itching and going red if there's something in there thats not meant to be.And every time you blink your eye is washed ... Read More »