Applying for WIC with No Paystubs?

Answer Go to the WIC office and apply on Monday. Explain to them that you moved here while you were pregnant and can not provide pay stubs. They deal with new and impovershed mothers all the time and th... Read More »

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Help with applying for financial aid!!!?

Financial aid is a long process, but with this calendar, based on a fall semester entrance to college, you should be all set. December: Ask your parents about if they have completed their tax forms... Read More »

Applying for fasfa with conditional discharge?

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Applying Screen Protector With Water on Samsung S3?

I don't see why people put screen protectors on phones. Get a good case. I've owned and dropped many phones. The case was always sufficient protection.Gorilla Glass is some pretty strong stuff..

Have you had success with applying your own trigger point therapy?

I know exactly what you mean. I have my husband and my daughter do it for me. I don't have enough strength to reach and apply force.You have to apply pressure to the right area to get benefit fro... Read More »