Applying for Unemployment in South Carolina?

Answer Unemployment insurance is for when you lose your job through no fault of your own. It gives you a small amount of money each week to help you pay your bills while looking for a new job. It lasts ab... Read More »

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How to Apply for Unemployment Online in South Carolina?

Being unemployed is hard enough, and sometimes applying for unemployment can add to the challenge. Many states have websites for easy access to unemployment services, including South Carolina. Know... Read More »

How many miles does it take to get from Andrews, South Carolina to Georgetown, South Carolina?

Georgetown, South Carolina is located approximately 20 miles southeast of Andrews, South Carolina. The quickest motor vehicle route between the two cities is US-521 South, which is a 17.2 mile trip... Read More »

How far is Sumter, South Carolina, from Parris Island, South Carolina?

According to, the distance between Sumter, South Carolina, and Parris Island, South Carolina, is 132 miles. The average travel time between the two Southern cities is 2 hours and 21 min... Read More »

Are Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina a part of the same criminal database?

North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina have separate state criminal databases. The FBI operates a nationwide criminal database. Those who need criminal histories for each state may consider re... Read More »