Applicable Regulations for Starting a New Popcorn Business in Indiana?

Answer Americans consume an average of 52 quarts of popcorn for every man, woman and child per year. It has become a favorite snack food for health-conscious consumers, creating a new retail industry in g... Read More »

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Deviation from the structural standard requirements of AA and E storage areas as outlined in applicable regulations may be approved up to what percent deviation?

here is an answer for you this whole is hokey you know there is just a bunch of random people writing random things down like i am that probably are not the answers that you are trying ... Read More »

Indiana Sales Tax Regulations?

Indiana levies a 7 percent sales tax on most retail transactions including sales of goods or food, rental of tangible property and installations fees. There are several exemptions to the tax, inclu... Read More »

Indiana Swimming Pool Regulations?

Swimming pools can be a very fun place to be---or a very dangerous one, depending on who is there. Having an open swimming pool with no barriers is a sure way to cause injury or even death by drown... Read More »

Indiana Inheritance Tax Statutes & Regulations?

The old adage that the only way to escape taxes is to die is not accurate in the state of Indiana, where an heir to the deceased must file an income tax return for the dead if the estate amount exc... Read More »