Apple or banana?

Answer I like Bananas Especially with cereal Oatmeal and PB&B sandwiches and ice cream and by itself. some apples are to hard I like the sweetness of bananas better

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How to Make Apple Banana Bread?

Bananas used in bread loaves gives that very soft and moist fruit taste. Add some nutritious crunch to a regular banana bread recipe. Here is how to make apple banana bread.Makes 10 servings.

How to Make Apple Banana Ice Pops?

These ice pops are quick and easy to make, and are great on a hot summer day.

Are you an apple, an orange or a banana person?

a fruit salad lol no seriously bananas are my favorite maybe cause they are the easiest to eat, no need to cut or peel with a knife or get your hands dirty and they taste great.

How to Make an Apple and Banana Caramel Snack?

Banana apples are a sweet and tasty treat. They are easy to make in a few easy steps.