Apple or Microsoft or Linux?

Answer For me it has to be Linux, as it is more versatile, you at not tied by the constraints of mainstream software therefore you are in control, it is capable of everything Windows can do and more. It i... Read More »

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What is Best Microsoft OS, Apple OS, or Linux OS?

Macs have better resale, are easier to use, make better (more efficient) use of the hardware, are more reliable, are more secure and their total cost of operation is lower than PCs.PCs are cheaper,... Read More »

Microsoft Excel - compatibility between Microsoft and Apple computers?

This should be fine as office for Mac 2011 supports and uses macros. If you want to know for sure just ask your co-worker to download a free trial of office 2011 for mac and test it out. If it does... Read More »

Can Apple Newton run Linux?

According to, a website that lists computers and portable devices and their compatibility with the Linux operating system, Apple's Newton PDA is unable to run any version of Linux.Refere... Read More »

How to Install Linux on an Apple iBook?

Apple iBooks are the last in the line of PowerPC Macintosh Computers. They were discontinued in 2006 and the last Apple operating system to support them was OS X 10.5 (Leopard) in 2005. As such, to... Read More »