Apple Trees in Oregon?

Answer Oregon orchards feature literally hundreds of different apple varieties. The state's varied climates, from the coast's long-growing periods to the east's dry climate, are each best for a certain ki... Read More »

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Cedar-Apple Rust on Apple Trees?

Cedar-apple rust is a fungal disease that affects most types of apple trees (Malus sp.), including crab apples. It also affects eastern red cedar trees (Juniperus virginiana L.). In fact, the fungu... Read More »

How do I tell tip bearing apple trees from spur bearing apple trees?

SpursLook for spurs (thick, thorn-like growths) on the apple tree's branches. If fruit production has started, the apples develop on the spurs. If you have spurs on the tree, you have either a part... Read More »

Are juniper trees native to Central Oregon?

The western juniper (Juniperus occidentalis) grows in central parts of Oregon as a large shrub or as a small tree. According to the "Trees of North America" filed guide, the common juniper (Juniper... Read More »

What is the best time to plant fruit trees in Oregon?

Fruit trees are planted in winter or early spring in Oregon. The best time is while the fruit trees are still dormant and the soil is dry enough not to stick to your gardening tools.References:Oreg... Read More »