Apple Magic Mouse, Good or Bad What do you think!?

Answer In my opinion, I will not recommend this mouse to anyone with hands of medium or large size. (I have medium size hands)Why? because I just purchased it and ended up returning this! Here's why...The... Read More »

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How to Replace Batteries on an Apple Magic Mouse?

Oh no! You are using your Apple Magic Mouse and it runs out of batteries! This article will show you how to replace the batteries on a apple wireless mouse.

Should I get the Apple Wireless Keyboard or Magic Mouse?

Stick with the Windows keyboard, and go for the Magic Mouse.

Is Magic Jack a good thing to have what are some bad things that can happen when you have Magic Jack?

you gonna love it!!I have it since last may and love it!but remember, if you are like the rest of most ppl who need every thing spoon-feed, then the MJ is not for you....but if you get turned on by... Read More »

Will peanut butter be a good source to put on a mouse trap to catch a mouse?

yes, but put the trap into an old shoebox (cardboard with a hole cut in the side) or a empty tissue box. That way, you dont have to touch it. just throw the whole thing away.