Appetizer menu- Which would you choose?

Answer I'd either have A1 with ranch dressing or A2 they both sound great it's hard to decide.

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How to Choose a Menu for Your Rehearsal Dinner?

The rehearsal dinner is a traditional meal that follows the wedding ceremony rehearsal. Usually, the guests include everyone involved in the ceremony, their partners and both the bride and the groo... Read More »

What was on the dinner menu at the first Tony Awards the date was 4/6/47. Iam a chef and need the menu items.?

If you really need to know you could always call the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. That's where the first Tony Award ceremony (known at the times as Antoinette Perry Awards for Excellence... Read More »

What universal remote will work with a Linytron Sharp TV including the menu functions or can it be done through the TV without the remote and no menu button on the TV?

Answer More than likely the remote is a radio device and the control circuit of the energy saving lamp is emitting interference on the same frequency as the remote. Answer The remote controller has... Read More »

What appetizer would go with shiraz?

On One Hand: Fruit Meets SmokeShiraz is the signature red wine of Australia, made from the Syrah grape; thus, it is similar in style to Syrah wines from the U.S., France and South Africa. Its fruit... Read More »