Appealing Financial Aid?

Answer Each school will give him a different "financial aid Package" than the other school offered to him. This is especially true at private vs. state schools and community colleges. He should shop aro... Read More »

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How to Do an Appealing Infomercial?

A pitchman makes a 30-minute segment seem effortless as he entices you to purchase his product. That pitchman relates to the customer. Indirectly speaking to every member of the viewing audience en... Read More »

How do I make myself more appealing?

I usually like to wear eye liner, just a little and black. I know that warm colors such as orange, and cream look good with brown hair. And the green eye shadow might look good against your blue ey... Read More »

How to Look Appealing in Front of Your Crush?

Do you want your crush to like you? Do you want to look appealing and attractive so that he/she finds you attractive too? Then you've come to the right place, read on if you wish.

How to Be an Appealing Person Socially?

Have you often wondered, why whatever you do people always find some mistakes in it? Why the right you do often becomes the wrong? Do you often feel rejected? Do you often feel you are an outcast? ... Read More »