Aphids in Bean Plants?

Answer Aphids are soft-bodied insects that suck the sap from their host plant. There are numerous varieties of the pest, and some are host-specific. Aphid eating behavior rarely kills a plant, but in larg... Read More »

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Blueberry Plants & Aphids?

Blueberry aphids (Illinoia pepperi) not only suck the sap from blueberry bushes, but the aphid is also a vector for the shoestring virus, which causes poor plant growth and reduces fruit yield. Sym... Read More »

How to Use Plants to Discourage Aphids?

If you are tired of aphids and you're not so keen on having to get out and spray them all the time, there is an approach using plants that might serve your purposes. The idea is to plant species of... Read More »

How to Kill Aphids on Tomato Plants?

Insect predators in the garden can greatly reduce your tomato crop if left unchecked. Aphid infestations occur in most regions, though the severity of the problem varies by location. Aphids are sof... Read More »

How to Treat Aphids on Fruit Trees & Plants?

Aphids thrive on the underside of leaves and flower petals. Aphids are pear shaped, come in a variety of colors and have two cornicles, resembling tailpipes, on their abdomen. They reproduce withou... Read More »