Apart from the moral reasons, why else should I become a vegetarian?

Answer Why wouldn't you want to tell your family? You could try it for 3 months or as long as you can... I could never give up meat totally, but I eat so much less than I did, when, as kids there was alw... Read More »

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Are you a vegetarian Can anyone give good reasons why I should become a vegetarian?

in hindu-relegion most impt thing to be a vegetarian.vegetarion food good for health.i wonder how people eat non-veg. i hate non veg.

What moral/ethical issues (if applicable) convinced you to become vegetarian?

That pretty much sums up my views. I just do not condone how animals are pumped full of man made substances, treated poorly in general while "farmed" and inhumanely killed for mass consumption. ... Read More »

Can you name some reasons to go vegetarian?

You know if this was 5 different post or so, I might have read this. Yahoo Answers isn't the best place to post something that huge. Break it down more to several different post. Its too ahrd to r... Read More »

Reasons not to become a vegetarian?

All these people are retarded! I am that friend, thank you all very much! And I have many legit reasons to be a vegetarian. And Another thing is we dont only eat vegetables stupid people we can ea... Read More »