Apart from the google search is there any other tool available for finding?

Answer Blekko Altavista Forestle Hakia www.hakia.comDuckDuckGo Ask Kosmix www.kosmix.... Read More »

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Why are there other search engines, when Google is there?

i think your saying google is the best, yes?just think of it this way: everything has competition, even google...

IS the world hanged on with Facebook and Google Is there any other dare internet tool to come up to dominate?

Facebook stock is dying and they are pushing more ads onto users. They aren't as dominate as you'll see in 5 years.Google on the other hands is an animal. I trust it regardless. As long as Eric Sch... Read More »

Is there any way of deleting the things that you write in google to search dont want other family members see?

On the tools menu select delete browsing history and then delete all. Hope this works......

Is there any tool to find out / search hardware devices in a HP Laptopand then download drivers from HP site?

you can go to the my computer and right click and go to manage and device manager. there you can see which hardware do not have drive. right click and click to update driver. if it fail then do sam... Read More »