Apart from PRUNES...what is a good cure for constipation?

Answer hi tracey have you tried fresh apple juice?1/2 pint in the morning and 1/2 pint at night an hour before bed is supposed to do the trick after a couple of days;-)

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What is a good cure for constipation.?

Diet can both prevent and cure constipation so eat more foods rich in magnesium as magnesium will increase the production of hydrochloric acid in your tummy and thus aid in digestion..... the more ... Read More »

What's the best cure for under eye darkness and bags apart from sleep!?

It’s true that you should use a concealer that’s been specifically formulated for under the eyes. Many concealers for the face are designed to cover blemishes and would be too drying for the de... Read More »

Apart from drinking water, what other ways are there to cure a hangover?

Eat something fatty: a burger, pizza, fries. My brother always said, "Many a 50 cent hamnburger has ruined a good $10 drunk."From I found these cures:CURE #1THE BLOODY MARY (... Read More »

What is the alternative way to cure or even heal/help depression illness apart from prescription drugs?

Simplify your life. Learn to say "no". Eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise. Most importantly, take a few minutes every day to count your blessings. People who are depressed tend to focu... Read More »