Apart from Asthma and Catarrh what other ailments have you used Ephedrine for?

Answer Constipation

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What other uses do biscuits have apart from being eaten?

My first wife made some once that were so heavy that they could have made great doorstops!

What other jobs apart from being a poet did chaucer have?

a page a solider and an astronute !!!!!!!!!!!huu ever wrotee tht ^^ is mentally challengedd...the answer iss... courtier, diplomat, civil servant, and working for the king collecting and inventoyin... Read More »

Apart from inheriting diabetes,what other way can you get it?

Well, first of all it isn't a proven fact that you can inherit diabetes, though that issue is being researched by endocrinologists. The truth---there is speculation that it is hereditary to carry a... Read More »

What other ways apart from shaving and waxing, is there to get rid of pubic hair?

You can get it permanently removed with a laser! It's pricey, but lasts for the rest of your life!